Who am I anyway? 

I’ve come to realize that I am creator.In fact, we are all creators.


Well, that’s the purpose of my “why” series anyway. My opportunity to discover who am I really? I mean yeah, I’m from California raised in Rancho Cucamonga; I currently reside in Houston,TX. I am a wife, a mother to two boys 20 & 16,I am daughter, friend, thrill seeker (in all areas of my life).I fashion myself as a survivor and a victor. I feel empathetically (to my detrement at times) but I am a lover, I am also a woman with a serious heart condition in need of a heart transplant. And lastly, I am a creator, which brings me to my next point.

I’ve come to realize that I am a creator.In fact, we are all creators.  This is why I began KLT Opportunities, because I want to be able to be create opportunities for myself! Long gone are the days where I could spend 8 to 10 hours working for someone else and not living my version of comfort and choice. There are so many things I want out of life and we all have our version of success, what it is for me may not be the same for you. I’m determined to create my own opportunities and hopefully along the way I help others find their “why” so the can live a life of comfort and choice.

My goal is to take some time to develop myself and mold my life in to what I’ve always known it should be. So from time to time,I may be doing a video or sharing my blog post of whatever I may be working on at the moment. My goal is to find those opportunities that allow me what value highly,comfort and choice. My goal is to share opportunities that I’ve found and am using to bring multiple streams of imcome to my home.

If you do take this journey with me, I hope I can inspire you to have unwavering faith in your dream and that you find your “why”and ultimately your how!

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