How do I turn myself into someone who is no longer a “work a in progress” but ┬áinto a person who is progressing?

Since overcoming my last stroke,  I am really in the process of “reprogramming” myself, I’ve spoken of this before, I know. Anyway, because of the damaged caused I’m still trying to get a GPS location on her,  like “who am I? Where am I?”  My wife looks for her too.  I think that’s where I feel the guiltiest, where my wife is concerned.  Not only is she dealing with a wife who is on borrowed time; but also with a wife who has yet  to come fully to terms with her condition.

For years I’ve been saying “I’m a work in progress”, there is so much truth in that statement now.  I think I actually believed it then, but the truth was that I was not a “work in progress”, I was stagnant.  There was no progress in my life, not real progress anyway.  So I had to find a way to  turn my words into my reality.  To actually make some progress so that the statement was true.

Then I found an opportunity to join a network of women who support each other, who want to see each other succeed, who actually cared for their fellow sisters.  Strangers, we became united to empower each other, to win together! Finally, I can say that I have sisters, real ones, united in sisterhood and prosperity!  Our goal is to get there together, hand in hand, each with our unique take on this movement, all with different desires and wants out of life, but with the same goal, success! We’ve realized that we can break the glass ceiling of entrepreneurship and there is room at the top for us all! Since joining BBM  for once, when I’m saying “I’m a work in progress” its the truth and I’m actually progressing!

Are you tired of not making real progress towards becoming the boss you know you can be? Feel free to ask me how to become part of our “tribe” at Boss Babe Millionaires, there’s room for us all at the top and we’re here to give you a help up! Thanks for reading another KLT Opportunity!

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